Tues, 21 Jun 16

It rained like a mofo for the duration of training today, complete with donder and blitzen.  By the end my brain was not functioning well enough to remember that I was supposed to train calves today, so that went by the wayside, but everything else seems to have served its intended purpose.

Clean Complex









8x495 - Easy and fast, but I stopped as soon as I had gone 1 rep up on my previous rep record at this weight since I have two 12 hour days coming up at school and all the rest of the week is going to be mostly lab and practical work rather than lecture.  After all, nothing says "I'm an aspiring physical therapist failure" like dropping a classmate during transfer or gait training.

SS Yoke Bar Box Squat



10/4/6x215/195/175 - Fun fact: 80 reps of SSYBBS = BS.  I may need to either change how I'm doing this or switch to a different exercise since I wanted more of a quad focus for my first supplemental and by the end it was definitely more of a back focus to try to maintain a neutral spine.

Band Assisted GHR


4x10xBW-micro - This wasn't terribly awful, but I didn't decrease the band tension or remove the band due to the extra work that this puts on my medial hamstrings, which they are not accustomed to right now.