Mon, 13 Jun 16

We trained early this morning because there were several changes to my class schedule that precluded training on Thursday afternoon and while AM training is not my forte, it is better than missing a day due to being a lazy sod.  Here are the main changes in programming I have made for this block:

*I have changed up my assistance work to bring the volume back up since I had decreased both volume and intensity for the last block as I was tapering for nationals.

*I am also going to (most likely) add a drop set for the final set of each of the first 2 supplemental lifts.

*I'm giving conditioning a hiatus for the first 2 weeks (i.e. the first of four microcycles of this mesocycle of my program) to gauge my recovery as well as try to establish a new routine as I adjust to my summer class schedule (ever-changing though it may be).

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175



7x270 - First three were cracking good, but then I got the speed wobbles and decided not to go for double digits today.  Still a recent rep PR for this weight though.



22/6xBW/BW minus light band



10/5xBW/BW minus avg band

6/9xBW/BW minus avg band

15xBW minus avg band

3/12xBW/BW minus avg band - This was a poor excuse for a drop set.  I may decrease the reps for pullups next time to see if that works out a little better.

Inverted Situps/OH Back Extensions/Russian Twist

20xBW/15x5/20ea x 5

20xBW/15x5/20ea x 10

15xBW/15x5/20ea x 15 - The Russian twists look like kindergarten weights because last time I did these my hip flexors were too weak and pathetic to hold my legs up off the floor with only my body weight for the duration of one set.  So I tested the waters with a paltry five el bees and when that went much better than my prior foray into rotational core work, I started to step it up.  I'll continue to bump up until I reach a good working weight.


I also need to send out HUGE congrats to teammates Chase Karnes and Amy Wattles on their respective 2nd and 3rd place finishes at United States Strongman Nationals over the weekend!  I was salty all weekend about not being able to be there for the biggest strongman competition in history, but I'm getting past it and looking to compete at the USS comp at Brute Strength Gym in August.  I also hear that teammate Zach Gallman shot several hundred minutes of footage at the event so he has some serious editing to do, but I bet there are some moments in his footage that will range the gamut from awe-inspiring to absolutely hilarious so look for it in an upcoming installment of Finding Strength.