Tues, 14 Jun 16

Another early training day.  Kept things very basic and disgustingly light today, mostly because I have never done long sets of good mornings before and the hamstring pump was terrifying.  I also had to knock out calves today in order to get to class in time.  I've got two 12 hour days at school coming up back to back after today and then I'll get in my assistance day on Friday afternoon and events on Saturday.









SS Yoke Bar Good Mornings

4x15x115 - Each set actually got easier as I went since it has been a very long time since I've done these.


Split Squats

5x10ea x 60 - Just holding a single 60 lb DB, rather than a pair of them like I usually do.

**Note: It is now Friday morning and I am finally starting to get a little less sore.  I have been crippled in the legs since Tuesday evening and can say with certainty that I literally haven't been this sore in my legs in years.  From waist to knees, front, back, and sides, everything has been a throbbing mass of stiffness and soreness, so much so that sitting in class all day actually becomes painful toward the end of the day because my keister is so sore.