Sat, 18 Jun 16

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Everyone had a solid day of training today, but I'm now down two training partners indefinitely - Mike Colella is gone for the summer to intern and subsequently graduate and Mike Inman is moving to start his new job with Temple S&C.  I take solace in the fact that both are moving on to bigger and better things and will continue to kick far more ass than if they were to stay in Salisbury.  It was Bill's first day back since getting hitched and he did very well, just going to show that missing a couple weeks is not the end of the world as long as you are approaching training with the right mind set and prioritizing it at or near the top of your life.

Yoke Press

warmed up with sets on the 3" bar:

complex x 35

complex x 85

complex x 125



then switched over to the yoke for my work sets:

2x3x250 - I haven't pressed the yoke in a long time and while the weight was fine, the stabilization was brutal.

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Yoke/Keg Carry Medley

80' x 250 - Yoke only

80' x 340/80' x 185

80' x 450/80' x 185

80' x 540/80' x 185

80' x 700/80' x 185 - I kept the weight lighter on the yoke for my first time hitting it in a couple months, but added in the keg carry to increase the duration of my sets - though as slow as I was on yoke, that probably wasn't really needed.

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Stone Over Bar (52")

5x200 - All one motion

5x240 - All one motion

5x280 - None one motion because this stone is such a slippery bastard and I need to lean it and re-rubberize it.