Thurs, 7 Jul 16

Well midterms are over with, mostly.  Jury is out on how they went - anything is possible.  I still have one more online one to take, but it has not been posted yet so I have a brief respite.  We had wheelchair training after taking the last midterm at 0730 this morning and I learned that wheelies are much harder than one would think and how to crash and burn with style should I ever flip a chair over when I'm in one.

Clean Complex









3x465 - And this set felt completely like trying to thread a needle with a log of poo.

3x520 - I was actually amazed I did this set after how bad the last one felt.  I actually felt pretty good doing it, and would have kept going except that I was twisting my right hip forward coming up and that is exactly how I have screwed up the right side of my pelvis a few times, so since I knew going into today how awful and tight and pathetic I was from studying over 40 hours in 4 days, not to mention taking 7 hours worth of exams, I called it at 3 reps.

SS Yoke Bar High(ish) Box Squats

3x15x225 - Not really that high, but a little above parallel and with a pause on the box rather than touch and go.  I knocked it down to 3 sets from 5 today due to all of the aforementioned reasons.

Band Assisted GHR/Seated SS Yoke Bar Calf Raise

3x{10x BW-micro band/20x205}