Sat, 9 Jul 16

Stress plus sitting for hours on end is a real em efffer and anyone who says different hasn't experienced it.  The difference between my training and recovery during times of studying and testing versus not is stupid.  Today I felt good and did good except for one minor hiccup from going too light on duck walk - I was in a weird spinal posture for a longer distance carry with light weight which ended up tweaking my spine into some dumb positions due to activation in said crappy alignment.  Overall though a positive day with progress made on multiple fronts for my next comp in about a month.

Chain Yoke Press







1x245 - Pretty sure this is an all time PR for chain yoke pressing.

Farmer's Walk/Duck Walk

80' x 110/80' x 205

80' x 220/80' x 205

80' x 270/80' x 205 - I had planned to either repeat this weight or take one more jump up to 310 on farmer's, but my neck and back were feeling funky from my own stupidity so I stopped this here before doing damage I couldn't readily rectify.

Tackyless Stone Over Bar (55")



3x280 - All these were great and despite being a sweaty gorilla I didn't have any issues with the stone slipping on me even with the higher bar.


10x80' x prowler + 140 - 2 man rotation.