Sat, 2 Jul 16

RIP long streak of not missing any training days.  Midterms have started and my life is now a sucknado of studying.  I had to forgo my assistance day this week.  I even went oujt to the garage at one point to try to get a little work in, but felt guilty because I knew I was not prepared in terms of studying for my first midterm so rather than suffer on multiple fronts, I chose to only suffer on one and do my best to rock academia.  Accordingly, training today was meh.

Chain Yoke Press



5x165 - Discovered I needed wrist wraps on this so I stopped the set short.

10x165 - Much better.


Yoke Walk/Duck Walk Medley



50'x720/50'x365 - Pretty happy with this run, even though my yoke was slow and awful (I think).

Prowler Suicides

3x{30'/40'/50' x prowler + 50} - Adding conditioning back in was a traumatic experience due to my severely crappy state of being today.