Fri, 22 Jul 16

Post neuropathology midterm exam remediation training because I'm a damn idiot (along with more than 2/3 of my class, apparently).  My grade ought to be going up with the two exams averaged together unless I made boom boom in, around, and about the bed.  I am still mad at myself for not doing better to begin with and putting myself in the situation of having to miss the CVASPS and add significantly more time for studying for an exam I really don't have that much extra time to be studying for in the first place.  Today was mostly just moving to feel better about life in general and shake the cobwebs off for event training tomorrow morning with Nick and Marc.

Snatch Complex


3 Way Raises



Single Arm Supinated Grip Triceps Pushdowns/Single Arm DB Preacher Curls

3x{12ea x 25/12ea x 35}