Wed, 13 Jul 16

My class schedule got rearranged again so Thursday training got switched to Wednesday.  We kept things quick today because while midterms are mostly over, Marc and I were both feeling like great big balls of suck today.

Chain Incline Flys/Horizontal Band Pullaparts

10x1 set

2x{15x2 sets/30xmini}

25x2 sets/30xmini

I think I used the high incline rather than the low one last time I did the flys, even though I had written down low incline in my notebook.  Either that or I was massively under-recovered last time because flys were a LOT easier today than last time I did them.

Kickbacks/Blast Strap Curls

3x{15ea x 20/15xBW}

Done and glad of it since tomorrow will now be a 12+ hour day of class as my Wednesday evening class was switched to Thursday evening.