Sun, 17 Jul 16

I never knew how much I appreciated training on a normal schedule that wasn't in flux until I had to start rearranging my training schedule every single week.  Yet again I had to do the five knuckle shuffle with my training days due to changes to my class schedule in order not to end up missing any.  So this week I am forced to start early on Sunday and will train Monday and then not again until Friday.  At least I was able to avoid benching on international bench day, even if it no longer affects me since I train in my garage.

Bench Press









1x340 - This is the smoothest and best that anything over about 315 has felt in a couple months.  It was a little slow, but I was pretty happy with it.

Incline DB Bench



DB Rows

4x10ea x 125 - I skipped the drop set on these this week because something funky was happening in the area of my left trap and continuing forward seemed to be making it more noticeable.

That was all for today.  No core work or conditioning because of school work.