Sat, 23 Jul 16

By Beelzebub's brown bunghole, it was hot today.  We only got in 2 of the 3 events we had planned to do because everyone was overheating and performance ability was circling the crapper and heading south quickly.  On the bright side, everyone hit PRs today and not just because we all threw weight over bar for the first time (so automatic PR city).

Yoke Press

complex x 75 - Warmups through 215 were with the chain yoke.




1x255 - Switch to regular yoke.




This was the heaviest yoke press I've done, but pretty far off my best overall which was 6x275.  Although the type of yoke used makes a big difference in the balance of the yoke and subsequently the ease of pressing, mainly if the weight is loaded only onto the sides or if it is loaded onto all 4 corners.  All of my strong(er) yoke presses have been with yokes that load at the corners (I just went back through my old training notebooks to double check).  Marc and Nick both PRed on chain yoke today, Nick by 60 lbs!

Weight Over Bar

1ea x 28 over 10'

1ea x 28 over 11'

1ea x 28 over 12'

1ea x 28 over 13'

1ea  x 28 over 14' - This was getting stupid because it was way too easy and I could tell I was being affected by the heat more and more so I jumped up to the 56 lb weight to try and get something moderately less shameful done.

1ea x 56 over 10'

1ea x 56 over 11'

0ea x 56 over 12' - My right side try was complete garbage since my whole body was loose as a goose and my left side try was rushed and I released way too late.

1x56 over 12' - Right side only.

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I had a heat headache that was getting worse by the minute and it was all I could do just to focus enough to get one slightly less awful throw over the bar.  Nick hit 56 lbs over 12' also which was orders of magnitude more impressive since he is currently about 40 lbs lighter than I am.  Marc was sailing the 28 over the bar with ease on the right side, but the release with the left had was a little more entertaining due to throws launching almost horizontally both forward and backward.  Sadly, none were caught on video for blooper footage.  We were all suffering from the heat so we decided to call it a day since more training would have been largely counter productive, if not injurious.