Sat, 16 Jul 16

I trained solo today since everyone else had prior engagements.  I did see Gregg finishing up training as I was arriving, but he had family plans this weekend, which was for the better since he was doing yoke walk and I needed to press the yoke so I would have had to wait for him to finish anyway.  I had a long day of studying and school work ahead of me so I didn't push anything too hard today.  For the most part I took about 2-3 minutes rest breaks and cruised through 3 events in about 90 minutes.

Weight Over Bar (sans bar)

5ea x 28

3ea x 56

I have never done this before and just wanted to play around with it since I finally have the some HG implements.  It was hard to judge how awful I was without standards to try to throw over, but I can say for certain that throwing the 28 was waaaay easier than throwing the 56.  Hopefully I can get some cheap standards made before I do this next time.

Yoke Press

complex x 75



2x205 - All warmup sets were with the chain yoke up to this point.

1x250 - Switched to the regular yoke and it was much worse than I had expected.

3x250 - Slightly better, but I was pushing it forward on every rep and couldn't figure out why.  This is where good training partners would have come in handy.  Stopped here because everything was stupid.

Atlas Stone Shouldering

3x4x200 - Alternating shoulders and sweating like a pig headed for the slaughterhouse.