Fri, 29 Jul 16

I felt great today, which pissed me off.  Who cares how I feel for the easiest day of my training that is currently focused on nonsense and stupidity?  Not this guy.  But it is still better than feeling like I lost a dookie fight with a rhesus monkey so I'll take it.

Blast Strap Pushups/Diagonal Band Pullaparts

3x{20xBW/15ea x mini}

Kickbacks/Pronated Grip Curls

15ea x 20/15x15

2x{15ea x 25/15x35}

Incline Reverse Crunch/Pallof Holds

2x{15x4/30 sec ea x light band}

10x4/30 sec ea x light band - I added 4 lb ankle weights to the crunches today to increase the difficulty while dropping the reps down a little bit and it worked very well.