Thurs, 4 Aug 16

Today's training was totally listless and I spent half the time sitting on the bench or laying on the floor.  I took my practical exam for my Differential Diagnosis class today and while it went great, I was just brain dead from so much studying and practicing all week.

Strict Axle Press/"Strict" Wide Grip Pullups




I felt completely out of it and just wanted to do something to move around and try to make myself feel better.  The "strict" designation for pullups indicates I was only pulling straight up, not allowing my arms and body to move out of the same plane (i.e. letting my arms move in front of my body or body move back behind my arms, as normally happens to varying degrees on most pullup variations).

Banded Dips/Wide Grip Curls

10x micro bands/10x35

2x[10x mini bands/10x55} - Banded dips were thanks to a brain bomb back to when Nick and I trained together in grad school.

This was all I could manage today and despite it all being easy with minimal volume, this took 90 minutes thanks to my general lethargy and piss poor affect.