Mon, 1 Aug 16

It's crunch time for summer semester.  I've got 2 final practical exams this week, 4 written finals and another practical final next week, plus some assorted papers to turn in throughout.  There is every chance that my recovery is going to be in the crapper for the duration of this time, which sadly is also leading up to my competition.  But feces happens and I'm going to do what I do and kick all of the ass that I can.  Most likely my training will be slightly shortened many or all days and I'm going to add in a deload to my regularly scheduled training next week during written finals.

Bench Press









Low Incline DB Bench

4x15x80 - This was too easy even though it was a 5 lb bump from last time.


DB Rows

5x10ea x 125 - This was also too easy.

No core work today because I had to get cleaned up and meet up with my partner for practicals to practice practical perfection.  Goniometry, Manual Muscle Testing, and Outcomes Measures, oh my!