Wed, 3 Aug 16

Tests and Measures practical exam went relatively well this morning.  Now it's time to make sure I'm ready for my Differential Diagnosis practical tomorrow afternoon.  Training today went well and I wasn't trying to hit any big rep number on deads, but I would have kept going if I had been aware of how many reps I had actually done on my final work set.  I thought I was around 6 reps or so, but I actually ended up doing 9, which I only discovered because I took video of it to see how I am progressing.  I attribute my poor counting skills to filling my brain to the brim with PT info the last several days.








9x500 - I felt good for at least 12 here.

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Trap Bar Deads

2x10x430 - I was planning on a minimum of 3 sets here, but had some slight stupidity going on in the area of my left trap (leftover from benching on Monday) and decided to stop after 2 sets.  I should note it was very minor and the only reason I let it change my plan for the day was because I have a competition in a week and a half, which historically magnifies my chances of doing something stupid exponentially.

Double TKE/Blast Strap Hamstring Curls

20x avg band/20xBW

20x 2 avg bands/20xBW

Marc and I cut training here because we wanted to go over some things for our DDX practical tomorrow.