Wed, 27 Jul 16

School made today a bit of a sticky wicket.  Put another way, I felt like someone beat me with a bag of buttholes and both Marc and I struggled to get through two exercises.  I;m going to work hard to try to prevent this from becoming the norm for the next 2 weeks, but with finals everything is up in the air.  My training notebook was filled with expletives about how I did things and why I didn't do things and general sentiments of negativity - but at least I didn't have to skip a day of training.








Single Arm Split Squats

10ea x 70

2x10ea x 80

I was so beat down today that I couldn't even manage to do calf raises.  I'm glad I at least did my minimums today though, because if I had skipped today I most likely wouldn't have been able to make it up.