Sat, 30 Jul 16

Weight Over Bar

1ea x 28 over 10'

1ea x 28 over 14'

1ea x 56 over 8'

1ea x 56 over 10'

1ea x 56 over 12' - Missed with left arm

1ea x 56 over 13' - PR, missed with left arm

Happy with my progress on this, but I wish I had more time to prepare to do it in competition.  Due to such minimal prep time I am just trying to get in as much work with it as possible to learn the movement rather than trying to taper off or do much actual organization of my training for it.

Yoke Press

log C&J warmups:

complex x 90

complex x 130

complex x 180


switch to yoke:

5x255 - Finally felt solid and like I wasn't struggling to get every rep.  Hopefully this sticks with me through the next 2 weeks for my competition.

Stone Over Bar

3x200 to 57"

5x240 to 59"

5x240 to 61"

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