Sat, 6 Aug 16

This was my last event training day before competing for the first time this year.  I can't say it went great, but it went better than expected based on the craptastic training session I had on Thursday.

Weight Over Bar

1ea x 28 over 14'

1ea x 56 over 10'

1x 56 over 12' - Right arm only

0x56 over 14' - Grazed the bottom of the bar so easily over 13'.

Yoke Press

log warmups:

complex x 90

complex x 180


switch to yoke:

5x255 - Feels good

Stone Shouldering/Duck Walk

2x200/40' x 225

2x240/40' x 325 - I wanted to get some quick stone work in and also do something prior to the duck walk since I have to do a fingal finger before it in the comp and this seemed like a good solution.