Fri, 19 Aug 16

No problem with my knee today since everything was upper body and none of it involved leg drive.  I still rode the bike and did some blood flow work, but separately from my main training.

Blast Strap Pushups (feet on box)/Diagonal Band Pullaparts

3x{20xBW/15ea x mini band}

OH DB Triceps Extensions/Pronated Grip Curls

2x{15ea x 20/15x35}

15ea x 25/15x45 - The weight for the curls is causing some slight discomfort in my left brachialis and going heavier made it start sooner so I will back off the weight and work up slowly as this improves.  Supinated and neutral grip curls cause no pain anymore.

Incline Reverse Crunch/Pallof Holds

3x{15x4ea/30" ea x light band} - Ankle weights on the reverse crunches