Fri, 26 Aug 16

It is frustrating that my knee bothers me some just walking around, and yet I am able to do most of my training without pain or detriment.  This is really a good thing, but being constantly aware of it throughout the day puts a lot of my focus on it whether I like it or not (I do not) and makes me grumpy because it gives me a false sense of a lack of progress in getting back to kicking ass.  When this injury-induced grumpiness is combined with hanger, I am not pleasant to be around so I am trying hard to have food with me all the time to prevent being a generalized bastard.

Snatch Balance




Slowly working toward 101 doing what I can without a weightlifting bar - so everything except actually doing a snatch or power snatch because turning over my essentially non-rotating bar is how I jacked up my elbows for over a year.

"Strict" Wide Grip Pullups


Banded Dips/Wide Grip Curls


10x monster mini bands/10x65

10x monster mini bands + micro bands/10x65

10x light bands/10x65

Incline Reverse Crunches/Pallof Holds

3x{15x4ea/30" x light band}