Sun, 21 Aug 16

I trained my primary upper body day for this week on Sunday because I was going out of town on a genuine, no competition attached, vacation for the first time in a year with my girlfriend.  While I do enjoy training on vacation because it just makes me feel better all around, I also couldn't locate a place to go that was definitely meathead approved, so I figured I would err on the side of caution and train early.  Since today was all upper body, my knee gave me no trouble.  I guess if anything turns out to be really wrong with it I could always focus on becoming a "bench press specialist".









4x330 - Rep PR

Banded Low Incline DB Bench

10x60 + light band

4x10x70 + light band

I used the band-around-my-back technique for this and it worked just as well as doing it for floor press thanks to the lower bench angle.  I think I've tried this with a higher incline before and had the band slide up off my back and lose tension.

DB Rows

8ea x 90

3x10ea x 125 - I misspoke earlier: this actually did bother my knee a little bit, even with some body position modifications to try to compensate.

Blast Strap Fallouts/Back Planks

10xBW/30" x 10

10xBW/30" x 25

10xBW/30" x 45

The fallouts are exponentially more difficult than rollouts with an ab wheel.