Sat, 27 Aug 16

After my buffoonery of last weekend, I made  a very strong effort today to NOT do anything in the manner of a buffalo of minimal intelligence.  My smarts won out over my stupidity, at least for today (which was an active work of willpower the whole time).  This is a good thing as I really need to let my knee heal up so I can do fun things like learn how to toss a caber and not so fun things like discover the bicep-tearing stupidity of using a plate loadable atlas stone without tacky.

Log C&P (clean once, NO JERKS)

complex x 90

complex x 140


0x230 - Cleaned it fine, but then my knee felt wonky so I put it back down.  This is probably too big of a jump while I am healing up.


3x230 - As I thought, I needed more warming up both muscularly and neurologically to do this.  At least I didn't jack my knee up again.

Car DL Sim






These were done with a pause at the bottom instead of touch and go since I don't know how the increasing weight will work at MD Strongest in November, but I imagine there will be a pause of some sort.  It could be at the top instead of the bottom though.  Or the idea could get scrapped due to the logistics of standardizing it for all 100+ athletes.

Farmer's Walk

2x50' x 110

3x50' x 200

50' x 250

All sets felt good, but I did notice more caution on my part during the last run so I stopped here.