Fri, 2 Sept 16

Today was a totally garbage day full of disappointing news that just kept coming.  As such, training was the highlight of my day, especially since the weather was perfect so I could train with the garage door open.  I love it how we are encouraged to maintain healthy behaviors like exercise and good dietary habits by our teachers in PT school, but then the schedule gets more idiotic every semester.  As of now I only have 3 viable training days per week every other week and the other half of the time I may have my normal 4, but that is somewhat up in the air right now.

OH Squat




Blast Strap Pushups (Feet Up)/Diagonal Band Pullaparts

3x{20x16/15ea x mini band} - Added a weight vest to the pushups today.

Single Arm OH DB Triceps Ext/Pronated Grip Curls

15ea x 30/15x25

2x{15ea x 35/15x25} - Tried keeping curls super light today, but didn't notice an improvement over moderate weights so I'll go back up as high as I can with only minimal discomfort in my brachialis next time.

Incline Reverse Crunches/Pallof Holds

3x{15x6ea/30 sec x light band}