Tues, 30 Aug 16

I'm trying to maintain my training as close to normal as possible while cutting back on volume and intensity or swapping in more appropriate exercises to help work on the deficits from hurting my knee.  So while a lot of my training looks the same, some (especially on lower body and event training days) will be noticeably different.  Slow moving exercises are mostly fine, but I am still mentally hesitant when I get up around 85-90%.  The biggest issue is things where I have to move into knee extension rapidly like overhead press with leg drive, more so with jerks than push press.  Stability on moving events like farmer's walk and yoke also seems to be affected, but I can't tell how much is mental versus physical on that yet.  As such, I went slow and steady on most things today (except for very low and relatively slow box jumps)  and didn't try to push anything too close to failure.

Box Jumps

3x5xBW to 6"








2x400 - Everything felt pretty good up to this set, but I was guarding and not pushing as hard or "fast" with my left leg here.

Front Squats



3x5x225 - I haven't done these in a very long time and as such they were miserable, but also each set was better than the prior one.

Split Squats

3x10ea x BW - I will start to add weight on this next time.


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