Sat, 3 Sept 16

Tropical storm Hermine hit the eastern shore today with minimal of the forecast detriment.  There was just enough wind and rain early on that I cancelled training at the unit and just messed around in my garage instead.  In retrospect, if I had just pushed training back to late morning it would have been fine, but I had no way of knowing this at the time and with the forecast of heavy rain and wind all day, it wasn't worth missing a training day on a gamble.

Log C&P (clean each rep)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 185

3x3x225 - First set was garbage, second set was initially better, but then I moved my feet unintentionally and it turned into a soap-dropping good time, third set was much improved.

Trap Bar DL (w/ suit)




3x430 - Added suit

3x520 - Added belt

2x3x620 - This was fairly easy, but my only goal was to start getting used to the suit again and I am still having some quad activation issues with heavier squats and deads so this was good for today.

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Finished up with some kettlebell conditioning.  Side note: I need to get some lighter KBs since I gave my 45s to my friends I used to live with because they were using them on a regular basis versus my occasional usage.