Mon, 11 Jul 16

I thought I felt good today, but I was wrong.  Most likely due to training in the morning before class in order to be able to get in my three gym training days before heading down to University of Richmond this weekend for Coach Jay DeMayo's Central Virginia Sports Performance Seminar this weekend.  I've been twice before, but not for the last few years and I am pretty damn excited to be attending again.  Various and sundry people were potentially coming with me, but all backed out for more or less valid reasons except for the one and only Michael St. Cloud who is a gloriously glorious bastard.  Anyways, other than sucking the hind teat on log today, everything actually did feel pretty not bad.

Log C&J (clean once)

complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 175



1x300 - This was super easy (good), but on the first rep I got a little light headed and on the second rep I had to stop (bad) because I was getting jello arms and legs, tunnel vision, and heading to dreamland, which is not a place I want to go with 300 el bees over my head.  Frustrating.







7/7xBW/BW-avg band

Ab Wheel/OH Back Extension/Russian Twist

3x{12xBW/15x10/15ea x 25}