While I might not still be back to 100%, I'm healthy enough to compete bench only. Therefore, I am currently in meet prep, where I will compete at the APF/AAPF Summer Bash on July 29th, 2017. I'll be competing the 132-lb. weight class, multi-ply, where I look to bench press 500+ pounds, yet still mending my low back issues.

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Monday I got in some back and bicep volume post bench shirt work. I was actually feeling really good coming into this session for some odd reason, even after having what seemed like a really long weekend and with work obligations stacking up like crazy at the moment. Some good drop sets and bicep pump to make it a solid training day.

Items Used in this Training Session

Warm Up
Cats & Camels - 10
Quadraped T-Spine Ext - 10 each
Band Dislocations - 10
Alternating Band Dislocations - 10 each
Band Pressdowns - 15
Band Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns - 15
Band Face Pulls - 15
Single Arm Band Fly - 15 each
Band Rows - 15
Band Curls - 15

A1) High Row Machine

B1) Deadstop T-Bar Rows
4x10; then two drop sets on the last set

C1) Seated Cable Rows

D1) Lat Pulldowns

E1) Preacher Curls

F1) Seated Incline DB Curls

G1) Seated Calf Raises

H1) Pallof Hold
3x20 sec per side