Now that I've given my body some rest after the APF Summer Bash, I'm running an off season training cycle, where my goal is to build upon my healthy movement, and hopefully hit the platform raw, full power in late 2017 or mid 2018, and rack up another 10x bodyweight total.

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Friday's training session was super quick and crammed between some clients again. Some solid work and moving at a quick pace made it not a terribly hard training session, but enough to get the job done. All that was on my mind was if I was going to be able to squat and train on Saturday without my knee killing me.

Items Used in this Training Session

Warm Up
Lateral Raises
DB Overhead Press
Rear Delt Raises
DB Bench Press
DB Flys
DB Skull Crushers
DB Rows
DB Curls
15 each

A1) Incline DB Bench Press
Up to a moderate set of 10

B1) Cable Chest Press, with Partials
4x12;  then 5-6 partials

C1) Decline Press Machine

D1) Slight Incline DB Flys

E1) Supinated Pressdowns

F1) Dip Machine

G1) Face Pulls
G2) Lateral Raises