A feisty vegan powerlifter with a zeal for training and a love for good food. I am prepping for my next meet in October following the Minimalist/M2 Method by Brian Schwab. Brian has been my coach for  over a year now, and the following logs are documenting my progress utilizing his training methods. 

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So, I have gotten a lot of questions lately as to what changes I have made with my training program.

As many of you know, I have been working closely with Brian Schwab for over a year now, and he has been doing all my programming. While I follow most of my program to a T, I am also aware of my body and know when I need to make adaptions.

When it comes to my squat training, the main things I have changed are adding in a little extra volume, in addition to an extra day all together to work a little more on my quads and hamstrings. I have been doing this for several months now with no ill effects, and it would only change if I am finding that it is having a negative impact on the rest of my training. There is no real purpose behind this other than wanting a little extra leg development.

So far I am still ramping up my intensity slowly, before I dive back into my regular percentages in my program. I still think 80% of a projected max is a bit much for this week, so I scaled it back a little bit and hopefully will be taking out those weights by next Sunday.


Squats:(to a box about 1/2" above parallel)

bar x bunch





275x3 (x2)


Leg Press:




450x12 (into drop set; 60 reps total)


Lying Leg Curls:


65x10 (x2)


Leg Extensions:





Some ab stuff (hanging knee raises and cable crunches)