Thurs, 8 Sept 16

Morning classes were cancelled today due to PT school graduation.  This means only two more years until I get to be hooded and then study my cojones off for boards.  In the meantime, Marc and I took advantage of the schedule change to get in some unhurried training a day earlier than planned.  If it hadn't been hotter than two squirrels fornicating in a wool sock outside, it would have been a perfect day.

Snatch Balance



3x5x95 - These were easier than last time except for the fact that I kept forgetting WTF I was doing and did a bunch of accidental overhead squats.  Thankfully Marc was there to remind me not to be a dumbass, otherwise I probably would not have done a single snatch balance.

Strict Log Press/"Strict" Wide Grip Pullups



5x155/5xBW - All pullups up to this point had been partial ROM (bottom part only up to the point where my head touched the pullup bar)

2x{5x155/5xBW} - I suddenly got the bright idea to flip the top band pegs on my power rack around and use them for the pullups in order to allow a full range of motion while keeping my arms in line with my body (i.e. not letting my body move back behind my arms in order to get my chin over the bar, which I call "strict").  This lets me feel the exercise a lot more in my lats/teres major and a lot less in my shoulders, which I was constantly reminded of by the cramping and immediate onset of tightness I had for the rest of the day and night.

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Banded Dips/Wide Grip Curls


5x avg bands/10x70

2x{5x avg bands/10x75} - Going from light bands up to avg bands on the dips initially almost smashed me into the floor.  I cut down my reps, but by the third set I was getting used to it so I'll work on bumping the reps back up next time.  The WG curls continue not to bother my elbows anymore so I'll keep working up on weight until they do or until I get back up to weights that are actually more than a 12 year old girl would do.

Incline Reverse Crunches/Back Extensions

15 x 6ea/15x10 - Strong amounts of fatigue in my right low back.

2x{15 x 6ea/15x25} - Strong(er) amounts of fatigue in my right low back.  This is definitely what was causing me to helicopter my deadlifts on Tuesday.