Tues, 22 Aug 17

Heavy Lower

Based on some issues I am having with my poverty squat, I've deiced to switch to box squats for a little while.  Historically when my squat has been floundering, this has helped me focus more on technique and things have gotten better.  I also switched from a barbell to the yoke bar because who doesn't love the feeling of an invisible hand slamming them forward when they do squats?

SS Yoke Bar Box Squats







Not great, but since I am actually squatting with good body mechanics instead of collapsing forward and letting my elbows slam into my thighs because I let the bar fold me in half and then starting up out of the hole using my arms instead of my legs, I'm not unhappy with this for today.  Not that I've seen countless videos on IG and facebook of people doing that with the yoke bar or anything...


10x225/20ea x avg band

10x275/20ea x avg band

10x300/20ea x avg band

Lateral Lunges/Single Leg Calves/Back Extensions

3x{10ea x BW/20ea x BW/15x445}