Building a Foundation for Raw Squat During the Week / Week 2 - Day 2 (Primary Squat Day)

..The past several months my hips had really been shot for squatting (this is after a year of hitting a lot of raw PRs at lighter bodyweights than I'd ever been). I'm focusing right now on dropping my training maxes, being patient, and being a foundation for squat again, working within what my hip will allow. I'm making my focus on quality reps during primary work, and then a lot of assistance work, and pushing the secondary squats that don't aggravate my hip as much.

Week 2 - Day 2 (Primary Squat Day)

A. Squat (belt and sleeves) - Triples up to top set of 395x8

B. Pause Squat Set (5-count pause) - 315x5

C. Hammer Strength Leg Curls - 4x10

D. Dumbbell Shrugs - 3x20


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