Cardio is something that I had started to incorporate a little over a month ago via running, but found that it irritated my back even more, so I ended up having to stop.  However, the more I adjust to my new schedule with my part time clients and learn to manage my time effectively,  the more free time I have and the more I want to try to add cardio in again! SO, here we are.  I actually went walking at the park with my friend.  If you're ANYTHING like me, then you probably associate cardio with running and sweating your ass off - I swear this is the only way I feel like it's effective...but I know that's not true.  If you have injuries limiting you and your abilities to train or do cardio it's more about navigating how to make it work for you.  What training looks like for you does not have to look the same for someone else, especially in coming back from an injury - you're allowed to be wherever you are when you're there and that's okay.

I went through a period of time when I stayed out of the gym purposely, and I needed to do that and it's okay - that time has passed and now it's more about me navigating the world of powerlifting and "fitness" in a way that works for me and my capabilities.  Plus, walking with a friend and talking about life changes and other things going on proved to be really therapeutic for me.  2 miles of cardio at the park with my best friend on a beautiful, sunny Sunday -yes.