So this week was my test run of adding in some actual cardio again, and not just walking on the treadmill, actually running outside. The reason for this is the more jobs I look for and read the qualifications (i.e. bigger city EMS jobs or firefighting jobs), almost every single one of them has running in their hiring tests. So I figured I'd start early and have Kilo join in on the fun as well. I didn't do anything too crazy and I was going to add it on my logs (which I will do from here on out) but I figured I'd lay it out in this post since it coincides with my rationale.

I added cardio to 3 out of 4 training days. On my first upper body day I ran around the block with Kilo once I got home from lifting. I tracked it on my run keeper app and it came out to .75 miles. I know you can laugh because that's literally not far at all. The positives were that I didn't get any cramping in my anterior tib and was able to run without stopping which is like a god damn miracle for me. On my 2nd lower body day I did farmer's carries w/ 6 total plates for about 4/40 yard trips. Not a whole lot but was also crunched for time this day. On my last workout for the week I did the same jog with Kilo and tried to sprint through a couple stretch of houses throughout. I was sucking wind in no time. So weather permitting, I'll keep up with this and see how I am about a month from now. If anything, this should help my work capacity in the gym.