After XPC Finals, my original plan was to stay away from a barbell for at least four weeks or so and stick to a body building type split. Well, after two weeks, I miss the damn barbell! My good friend Joe Schillero and I chatted about training and off season shenanigans on the phone the other night. He told me on how he was thinking about running through 5/3/1 to build up his raw base throughout the offseason. I'm not going to lie, I didn't really have a set plan for myself quite yet. I just had a plan that for the next couple weeks, I was going to destroy my body with volume and live for the pump (brah). After Joe and I talked, I reminisced on my 5/3/1 days about four years ago and how much I missed them. I pulled out my old eBook and Excel sheet with all the formulas and said "Fuck it, I want to do it too." Don't worry, I'm still going to find ways to torture myself and my weaknesses after my main work sets. I just enjoy not having to think about the weights I should do, and get it done. Here's how the day looked:

A. 3x5 Bench

B. DB Flat Bench for Time - 60 seconds x 3 sets
Set 1- 50lbs x 31 (Actually made it through the whole set. Maybe I'll make it through all three sets without stopping today.)
Set 2- 50lbs x 20 something reps (Burning in pecs and triceps intensify. Cognitive function starts declining.)
Set 3- 50lbs x ?? (Fuck this.)

^^Some day...I will make it through all three sets without stopping. This has actually become quite the mental and physical challenge for me. Who knew 50lb dumbbells could be some humbling?

C. Swiss Bar Incline (I'm not sure how much this bar weighs at this gym, so I'm going to pretend it was 45lbs)
115 x 15
125 x 12
135 x 10

D1. Pronated DB Flys (Thank you Carlos for posting about this. Definitely a fan.)
25lb 4x15
D2. Rolling DB Tricep Extensions
40lb 1x15
45lb 3x15

E. Chin Ups BW