Chelsea Lewis - 25 years old - IPA Battle of the Beast 2 - Gainesboro, Tenn - 07/08/17

Chelsea has only been training with us for 5 months but after only training with us for barely a month she told me those sweet words, "Joey I want to do a meet with yall". I said fuck yeah! And there we went. We were already starting preparation for our next meet so she jumped in with us just in time.

Chelsea brings a certain sassiness to the group and a smile that brightens up the gym when she comes in. Everyone took to her and the girls love having her training with them. I have been super impressed with her picking up on what I want from her so quickly. Her squat technique is perfect for such a very short crash course but I hammered on her till she got it down. Deadlift came like a fish to water. The bench....well that’s another story and a challenge I am looking forward to with her Lol!

In her first meet Chelsea did great. I am proud of your hard work and want to get better. After another training cycle you will be even better! I am honored to have you as a teammate and a friend. Thank you for allowing me to coach my "Wiggle"!

To add: I have never had a lifter slam down a missed deadlift, scream fuck it! and promptly exit the platform Lol!

Again, Success to me is weighed upon my top five:

1. Continued PR's (first time PR's in this case) - check
2. staying healthy. No injuries from meet - check
3. Not bombing out - check
4. Having fun - check
5. Placing in the top three of weight class/division - check

Here is what Chelsea accomplished:

Squat - 130 pounds
Bench - 50 pounds
Deadlift - 180 pounds
Total - 360 pounds
5 for 9 on attempts
2nd Place - Women’s 148 Wt. Class - Open Division
1st Powerlifting Meet!