Sat, 21 Dec 19 - Events @ ISCF

We are doing Christmas at my house today with both my family and my wife's family due to the fact that her family will be out of town on the 25th.  Everyone is splitting up cooking duties, which is very helpful.  Other than that I think we are ready, and since everyone except for my mother in law is not arriving until around lunch time, I was able to get to the gym for some early training this morning prior to the start of the festivities.

Yoke (drop and repick @ 60')






My only rest break for the first 4 runs was adding 2 more plates and I was feeling the cardio after 435.  I was also using today to test out my right knee with moving events.  My plan was to stop if/when my knee started to hurt.  I did start to feel it a little bit on 525, but just for the first few steps.  I stopped here anyway because I felt it and also in the interest of time.

Belt Squats/Leg Press Calf Raises

20x bar/20x90



I was in a hurry so no conditioning today.  Time for Christmas with both families.