Mon, 13 April 15

Good weather = good training.  All of my training today went well except for conditioning, during which I wanted to pack it in early.  But I drew upon some reserves of testicular fortitude and didn't let myself stop until I had done a sufficient amount of work based on my recent longer distance prowler days - which will get even long(er) in my next training block.

Axle Power Cleans

complex x 70





Sotts Press

6x45 - This was a mistake; I still need to do more reps with the PVC pipe for my first warmup set.



8x55 - My shoulders were tighter than usual today which made this a little harder than it has been recently.  Also, while it is certainly hilarious that I am so weak on these, I should note to some of the haters on IG and FB that you are welcome to troll all you want, but if you do, please be sure that you actually know WTF you are doing when you post your own pics or vids of yourself doing it.  On second thought, keep doing what you're doing - it's funnier for me that way.

SS: Wtd Chinups/Wtd Dips



SS: Wrist Extension/Pallof Press

3x{20x25/15ea x light band}