Mon, 2 Feb 15

I woke up with a headache today, which is unusual for me as I rarely get them and they don't last long most of the time.  This one stuck around most of the morning.  It faded out, but then started to come back as soon as I started getting ready to head to the Unit.  Bothered me a little in warmups, then went away briefly when I started cleans, but came back with a fifth of tequila and a loaded pistol midway through my doubles and proceeded to put me on my backside to the point where I had to cut training short in order to be able to drive home.  I got the major stuff done, but didn't push any of my weights up because just getting the reps done was a challenge of skull-splitting pain endurance for me.


complex x 45





Sots Press

6xPVC - Granted I've never done this before, but WOW am I bad at these.

3x6x45 - They got better as I went, but my head said not to go up.


3x{10xBW/15xBW} - These were pretty easy, but the ice pick in my eye combined with a watery left eyeball and runny left nostril and left sided facial twitching made me call a halt here.  I was actually slightly worried I was stroking, but that was just a passing ridiculosity.

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