Client/Lifter Spotlight: Renea Andrzejewski

As many of you know I work closely with Purdue Barbell, writing programs, coaching, and advising on certain matters that pertain to the club and offer all the support that I can. I want to give a special shout out to Purdue Barbell President, Renea Andrzejewski. She's been powerlifting for roughly a year now and is in meet prep for USAPL No Frills. She has made incredible improvement over the past few months. Here she is hitting a new PR squat of 220 pounds, and will be competing at 125 pounds. At her last meet she squatted less than this with wraps, so a huge improvement! After this meet, Renea plans to represent Purdue Barbell at USAPL Collegiate Nationals.

Congrats on your PR Renea, and I'm excited to see the total you put up at the meet!

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