Wed, 4 Mar 15

Today was making up the conditioning I failed to do yesterday.  I headed to the Unit during a break in the rain and knocked out the prowling I had programmed for yesterday as well as a quick and light kettlebell complex for some extra work.  Sometimes the prowler seems to slide easier on wet pavement and sometimes worse.  Today was a worse kinda day, but I'm still glad I did it, especially with several inches of snow forecast for tomorrow.


12x60'xprowler+90 - Finished in ~9 min

KB Complex

Double Arm C&P - 10x25

Single Arm F. Squat - 10ea x 25

Double Arm Bent Row - 10x25

Single Arm Bent Press - 10ea x 25

Single Arm Swings - 10ea x 25


Finished up with some stretching cause I don't want to ever be one of those people who whines all the time about stupid aches and pains, yet who does nothing to help reduce or prevent them.  Complaining about things you are not doing anything to try and fix deserves a throat punch with a trench knife.