So, I think I posted about my squat session from last Thursday - if not, it went a little something like 205 for a top set of 4.  Tonight I did that same weight for 5 sets of 3. I got really upset after the first set, because my form was total shit and honestly I was being a giant baby.  SO, I sucked it up and got my mind right and went to work.  This is so much improvement.  I was also really really pleased to use my own belt (it's been in retirement for almost exactly one year to the day). Tonight was hard, and it challenged me in a way I haven't felt in a long time.  I really had to push through for those reps and I actually would've preferred to quit half way through, but I had no pain and I knew I had to keep going.  Tonight showed consistent progress - something I haven't had in quite some time.

Squat: 205x5x3
Pause Squat (3 count): 135x2x5
Bench: 145x5x5 (60 sec rest)
Leg Press: 130x3x15
KB Swings: 25x3x20