Alarmist and clickbait title, i know. I don't care.

We live in the age of information and this is both a great and terrible thing. We can see all of our heroes for all the good that they are, and we can see them for the fact they are humans like all of us and they are fallible.

Sometimes this is good and we can relate to them, and the GOOD people realize this and use their respective medium to reach out to other people with the knowledge that none of us are better than the other.

And others we see their darkness reach through and we see how broken our "heroes" are.

This scares people. It scares me. And it disappoints me. BUT we need to be strong regardless and we need to not place these people on pedestals, because what makes them so special? Why are you different than them? If you want to be like them, better than them, better than me, go out and do it! What's stopping you? Be your own hero.

Other people will disappoint you again and again, and no matter how great they may seem, they are all still people. Live up to your own hype, and take control of your life. There are too many people out there that act like victims, when we are ultimately the masters of our own destiny.

If you want to play victim and want to skirt your ideals, do it on your own time.

There are cowards everywhere. Don't be one, there are enough already.