Sun, 1 Dec 19

Block 1, Week 5, Day 1 - Assistance

I miss doing jumps.  Can't wait until my right knee is back in action.


75 ea x light

BFR Squats


10x45 - Quad death

Close Grip Skull Crushers/Neck flexion




Wide Grip Curls/Neck Extension

no time/40x45

I got my times mixed up for what my wife and I had planned for today and had to cut training short to take her grandfather to see the movie Midway.  I thought it was a good flick with good explanation of the events leading up to the Battle of Midway and minimal focus on dumb romantic subplots they sometimes put in these things (i.e. Pearl Harbor).  Also saw previews for 1917 which looks amazing and which we will most likely take her granddad to see after Christmas since he expressed interest in it as well.