Day 1 of New Strongman Training Schedule: Overhead Strength & Explosive Work

Saturdays and Sundays are Days 1 and 2 of my new training schedule, taking advantage of access to the gym with plenty of strength and conditioning equipment and flexibility around work.

For Day 1 - the focus is on explosive and strength work for overhead pressing, as well as accessories for upper body. The accessories are kept light and no hard conditioning is done, since on Sunday I do deadlifts and squats and loaded carries for conditioning.

Day 1: Explosive+Strength+Accessories - Overhead Pressing

A1. Med ball overhead throws - 5x3

A2. Band Pull-Aparts - 5x15

B. Overhead Strict Press (barbell) - Triples up to top set of 170x7 (3+ day)

*Superset with more band pull-aparts

C. Overhead Strict Press Down Set - 135x10

D1. Incline Axle Bench Press - 4x8

D2. Tsunami Bar Lat Pulldowns - 4x10

E1. Cable Tricep Pushdowns - 3x25

E2. Y/T Shoulder Raises - 3x15 each direction


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