This was my first day of starting my speed wave with coach, Matt Smith. When starting new waves like this, I like to train with Matt so he can point out my flaws and cue me correctly. This is imperative especially when I'm getting back under some decent weight with my briefs on. I was having issues releasing onto the box and really pushing the weight into my hamstrings. I felt out of my groove, especially with being explosive. I do know that once I get this down again, my squat will have some serious speed to it. I just need to focus on what I'm doing and sit the fuck back. Matt also likes to make me squat to a low box to hammer my low back...I think my deadlift has been coming along nicely...I'll be talking about this within a couple logs.

A. Speed Squats
8x2 385 Bar Weight + 120 in band tension I believe...
^Still keeping the rest times to an absolute minimum with these. The only rest I get is with my training partner, Bryan Doberdruk, is under the bar. Then I hop right back under and go. We were probably done with these, including the warm up sets, in less than 15 minutes.|

B. Speed Pulls
10x1 315 Bar Weight + Average Bands
^Same rest time with these. I'm pretty sure I was standing in my own puddle of sweat at this point.


D. Seated Leg Curls
1x12, 1x15, 1x17, 1x20

E1. Ab Pull Downs with Spud Strap
E2. Leg Raises