So I'm sure you've seen the meme circulating with Ivan Drago saying, "If he dies, he dies." Well that's the vibe I had when going into training on Saturday. Matt wants my conditioning to improve because frankly, it's dog shit. We found that out when running circa max going into XPC Finals. The plan the next two weeks is to run my DE days as conditioning days. Basically, I need to try to have my form perfect even though my body will be very fatigued. Now it's not like I was pushing any kinds of crazy weight, but my heart rate definitely sky rocketed. I started off with SSB box squats with 370 lbs doing 16 sets of 2 with about 20 seconds rest in between sets. My mental fortitude was tested, but having someone there to push you when you want to take that break and extend it to 30...40... or 60 seconds, seriously helps. I ended up having a great training session, and am looking forward to next week. I will be training at the EliteFTS S4 compound, so I'm sure the intensity will be cranked up quite a few notches.

A. SSB Box Squats
Bar Weight x 12
190 x 8
240 x 5
280 x 5
Add Briefs
330 x 3
370 x 2 x 16
A couple of my buddies that were helping run the mono for me were quite entertained watching me do these. It looked like I jumped into a pool. I made sure a trash can was at least a couple waddles away.


B. Speed Pulls (sumo) I began practicing my sumo deadlift again. I felt great form wise, probably because it was lighter weight. I'm interested to see how these will go once I start adding weight.

C. Reverse Leg Curl Machine

D1. Close Grip Lat Pulldown
D2. Close Grip Cable Row

E. Ab Machine