• 135 x 10
  • 225 x 5
  • 315 x 3
  • 405 x 1
  • 495 x 1 - added M-Briefs
  • 495 x 1
  • 515 x 1 x 2


  • 125 x 10 x 3


  • heavy band x 15 x 3

Standing Ab work w/ Heavy band

  • 3 sets of 10 reps

Cunha and I trained early today so I could get to the clinic and handle a staff meeting and have a discussion with the relief vet. We are still not doing well and haven't met our weekly goal, but 1 time since my wife left for deployment. We are still living week to week meeting the needs to cover payroll, loans, doctor payments, supplies, etc. On top of all that some of the staff are getting their panties in a bunch over ridiculous things and instead of coming to me to talk about it they make out a list, give it to my lead tech and send him to talk to me and be the middle man. All that does is make me angry that they aren't brave enough to just talk to me and work on a solution to the problem.

I'm not sure how to work the kinks out and build revenue especially since we are rolling into September and October soon which are our worst months every year.