Deadlifts with a Marinated Meat Flank

Tues, 10 Feb 15

My random left oblique strain from two weeks ago is sticking around for an annoyingly longer time than I thought it would.  Good news is I was able to tug today with moderate weight, but not as heavy as I had planned to go.  More good news is no pain as long as I move slowly and maintain tension throughout the movement.  Deadlifting and coughing are still the only two things that bother it.  Progress is progress though and as long as it's getting better and I can get the smart me to win the arguments with the stupid me that wants to stick to the plan and go heavier before I'm ready, I will be just dandy.

Axle Deadlift







4x440 - I was planning for these sets to be up around 475-500, but had to listen to my body and exert a modicum of restraint

Single Leg Axle Deadlift

10eax70 - Brutally frustrating so I decided to ditch the axle and use a regular barbell

2x10eax45 - Better, much to my chagrin

SS: Rollouts/Single Leg Calf Raise


SS: Side Plank/Russian Twist




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